Why I’ve rejoined Facebook


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My ponies can’t live without each other, but when they’re together, they can only think about giving each other a good kicking.

One year ago I closed my Facebook account. The final straw was the discovery that a boyfriend from my student days had been stalking me via Facebook and knew everything I did, whereas my memory of him was nothing more than a hazy silhouette. My discomfort towards FB had been growing for a while: the offensive un-friending by people I knew, the relentless invites to join in online games, the offensive adverts for Botox and the obscure privacy settings. I resented the time I wasted on FB; simplicity was my buzz words and so I left FB.

However, I noticed more and more often that I was missing out on valuable social events. These are important for me since I live in a very remote rural area and work from home. Unless I make an effort, the only humans I talk to all week are my husband and the supermarket cashier. A quiz night in the community hall or a pony event are welcome entertainment and places where I  can catch up with acquaintances. So I’ve set aside my privacy concerns and I’ve rejoined Facebook.